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Vulnerability Assessment (VA) is an integral component of vulnerability management. VA is the process of identifying network and device vulnerabilities before hackers can exploit them.
Continuous Monitoring (CM) is a next-generation cloud service that gives you the ability to identify threats and unexpected changes in your Internet perimeter before they turn into breaches with realtime scanning. With CM you can track what happens within Internet-facing devices throughout your DMZs and cloud environments – anywhere in the world. It detects changes in your perimeter that could be exploited and immediately notifies the IT staff responsible for the affected assets so they can take appropriate action. It lets you easily configure rules and alerts so you can know and react as soon as something changes on your network.
Web Application Scanning (WAS) is a cloud service that provides automated crawling and testing of custom web applications to identify vulnerabilities including cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection. The automated service enables regular testing that produces consistent results, reduces false positives, and easily scales to secure large number of websites. Proactively scans websites for malware infections, sending alerts to website owners to help prevent black listing and brand reputation damage.
Our Vendor like Qualys updates its vulnerability database with multiple vulnerability checks each day, as new vulnerabilities emerge. An average of 20 new signature updates are delivered each week. We maintain the industry’s largest, most comprehensive and up-to-date Vulnerability Knowledge Base. Our CVE-compliant Knowledge Base contains more than 35,000 checks.
Qualys is available 24x7x365 and can be accessed anytime from anywhere through a Web browser. Qualys consistently maintains 99% availability. The service is constantly updated transparently, without any interruption to users, and is only taken off-line once a quarter for maintenance and updates. This process usually lasts a few hours in duration.
Our Vendor of choice, engineers develop vulnerability signatures every day in response to emerging threats. As soon as these signatures pass rigorous testing in the Quality Assurance Lab they are automatically made available to you for your next scheduled or on demand scan. No user action is required. In addition, as a part of the service, you can sign up to receive daily or weekly vulnerability signature update emails, detailing the new vulnerabilities Qualys is capable of detecting.
Policy compliance (PC) is a cloud service that performs automated security configuration assessments on IT systems throughout your network. It helps you to reduce risk and continuously comply with internal policies and external regulations by providing proof of compliance demanded by auditors across multiple compliance initiatives. Qualys Policy Compliance automates the collection of technical controls from information assets within the enterprise; and provides compliance reporting by leveraging a comprehensive knowledgebase that is mapped to prevalent security regulations, industry standards and compliance frameworks.
Stored data is kept in an encrypted format. Vendors encrypts each users’ data uniquely, so that only the user who created the data can access it. There has no insight into customer data. In fact, Vendor does not have access to the encryption key, and no ability to decrypt the stored data is possible Our Vendor of choice – Qualys Cloud Platform resides behind network-based, redundant, highly-available firewalls and intrusion monitoring solutions. In addition, each host runsa localized firewall on top of the customized, hardened Linux distribution, which is unique to Qualys. The Qualys Cloud Platform is hosted in a data center that is subject to at least an annual SSAE 16 or industry standard alternative audit by an internationally-recognized accounting firm. All Qualys devices are located in physically secure, dedicated, locked cabinets protected by multiple-factor authentication, including biometrics.